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日期:2019-04-01 16:58
Client: I want to be a website, can you design a website?
Design Lion: Yes, I have done many different types of websites. Client: Use drawing software to design. Design Lion: Well, yes client: What software is used to draw pictures!
Design Lion: PS
Client: Can you design with photoshop? Everyone says that the software is good design lion: uh....

Once, the courier called me and asked me to go downstairs to pick up the package, so I asked him: "Isn't it delivered to the company after the remarks are written on the working day? Why are you sending it to me today Saturday?"
The courier replied: "You are not a design company."
I had to go downstairs to pick up the package

There is a kind of person who makes you love and hate but never gives up, makes you think about it but dare not harass at will, keeps you awake all night but still feels contented, makes you suffer all your grievances but always smiles and forgives you.
He is---Party A.